Normal is overrated :)

'The people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.' - Steve Jobs.

I'm a black woman. Now I can say it with pride,but back then being black and being a woman are two of the worst things that could ever happen to you... Even though right now,stereotyping is generally discouraged,the number of people who sincerely believe that there are chances of a black woman doing something great or memorable would still be given a painfully low percentage. Not just that,but there is still an unspoken yet wide spread and accepted path of life that all women around the world,not just the black ones,are expected to follow ; Be a good girl,excel in school,graduate,get married,have babies,be a happy home maker,wait for your death.


While Im not opposed to any of the above achievements,I also believe that it should be by choice and not obligation. Why do we still passively but aggressively crucify those that choose another path? A person should be able to choose to go left when everyone they know went right,and not be ridiculed for it,or whispered about,or thought of as a lesser being who just needs to be fixed. Life is a really short journey,and it buffles me to see people becoming more cowardly and more predictable. While I know and strongly agree with the Bible when it says that women were made to be helpers,and that we should be submissive to the men,there is no where it says this should be your only goal in life. My opinion is that if you are capable of doing more,and want to do more,then go ahead and do it.

Just because something has been done the same way for millenia,doesn't mean its illegal to do it different. Change is still the only constant. So,regardless of your gender and skin tone,you can either join me on the mental and hopefully physical journey of discovering new things,pushing the boundaries, beating the odds,thinking outside the box(and I mean waaaaay outside),making history,changing the world,being great,standing out and being different,kicking major arse,travelling the world,being a part of God's miracles,touching lives...or you could stay and live a normal life.

Choice is yours.


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