How long until that thing that looks shiny from afar becomes a dull dump pile of clay in your hands? Once, when you didn't have it yet,it was all you could think about. Day and night, you plotted and planned how to acquire this very valuable piece. You jumped through hoops and bent over backward for just a chance to bask in its glory.

Then, on that fateful day, the stars smiled down upon you. Finally,it was yours...

Yes, it was all bliss at first. all your hopes and dreams had come true. it was everything you had ever thought it was and so much more, and this was the best time of your life.

And then not so much anymore. Suddenly,you noticed the leaks and cracks. You noticed that the surface wasn't as smooth and as even as you thought it was. The colors weren't as bright and glittery as they seemed before and the hinges were rusty and creaky.

I guess the question is; how long does it take for the shiny and smooth to become cracked and dirty?Will you still want it after you know its not as perfect as you thought it was?


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