I don't want to know

I'm in awe of this poetry... so the few custom made pieces I have, I intend to share sparingly. 
Enjoy :-)

I don't want to know about you,
About those boys you talk with, on your phone,
Or the girls,
The ones you flash your heart to, and they laugh and you laugh,
The ones you like to try and taste
The ones who come and leave
Empty tins, rolling Stones
While I sit here waiting for you
Gathering moss,
Those running waters pouring where everyone pours
As I quietly wait, running deep for your soul.

I don't want to know.

You're piercing my midnight thoughts
While you and your boys, and girls
Exchange morning thoughts each time you meet.
You're the sack I poured into
Which had holes,
The shoes I sought to fill
Which had no soles.

I loved you deliberately
Yours was whenever you felt like it
So perhaps I don't want to know how you are
And I'm okay with it.

But am I okay with it?
This bittersweet when you leave
And come back when you like
A revolving door in your life
Always walking in and out.

I despise the feelings I've grown since I met you.
They neither heal
Nor completely destroy
I'm a walking effigy

In love with you.

The writer of this article, Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa is a blogger. He loves literature, African literature, and is reading more of it lately even participating in the Africa Reading Challenge. He has experience in Social Media, Content Management, and graphics ….He writes about his experience with see(k)ing God, creative fictional prose and poetry,  and on numerous topical issues at nevender.wordpress.com


  1. awwww!!!! I love it! it is a writing from the heart. You cannot know these things until you have experienced them.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hmmm does this mean you have experienced this as well ;-)

  2. Joel, this one, was it as deliberate?


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