Letter from a (then) new friend...

Dear Kullein,
When I was growing up, despite my quiet nature, I liked to listen and I still do. I am not big on preparing sermons or lectures that are instructional. Most of my conversation comes from listening, understanding and giving appropriate feedback. What I am saying is I enjoy conversation.
I am the kind of guy who will stay awake fighting sleep waiting for a text. I sometimes think if one could stay alive on anything other than food, for me it would be deep personal conversation.
I thought about what to write for your blog. Should I write about ten steps to enjoying your twenties? I’m reminded of that Switchfoot song that goes something like
“We were just kids
Just limited, misfit, itinerant
Outcasts singing bout the dissonance
We were just kids, wide-open
Like a child, eyes-open,
Like a child, unbroken
by the wheels gone by you’re in the sunrise of your years”
Something that reminds you to celebrate your sunrise years.
However, I want to know about you first. I want to hear your story. I want to know more about the Riri turned Hannah Montana; the writer and doctor in the same breath, maybe about the red roses on your whatsapp pic.
I am no good at being a teacher when I am not a friend.
What’s the meaning behind your name Kullein? Does it mean cool wine? Where did your love for hats come from? Outside countries or Jane Eyre?
Now I am not trying to extract information for blackmail, I do not have the weight for espionage. I am simply a lil ol guy getting to know a new friend.
I am not much for crowds of friends, I agree with a certain riddler, Edward Nygma who says
“The less you have, the more they’re worth…”

So, to friendship because friends are the family we choose. Whether a lot or few, old or new, friends are the ink that keeps our hearts from being blue.

The writer of this article, Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa is a blogger. He loves literature, African literature, and is reading more of it lately even participating in the Africa Reading Challenge. He has experience in Social Media, Content Management, and graphics ….He writes about his experience with see(k)ing God, creative fictional prose and poetry,  and on numerous topical issues at nevender.com


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