Coming Full Circle

It’s been an action-packed few weeks, and by action packed, I don’t mean the physical action. I mean so much happening all at once. Some things were good, some not so good and naturally with that came a roller-coaster of emotions.  However, one emotion now overrides all the others I’ve been dealing with; Thankfulness.

I could write a hundred books on all that I’ve learnt in just the past month. I could tell you how I’m learning about what’s most important in life. I could tell you about all the people that will disappoint you no matter how close they are to you. I could tell you everything that has gone left instead of going right. But I’ll also tell you that for each thing that went left, five others have gone right. For every person that disappointed, three others have stepped up to the plate. For every gap that was left, it was filled to overflow, and for the places where the coin showed tails, it was completely flipped to show heads.

I’ve never claimed to be a saint, (#girlwithapast, #girlwithafuture), but the few things and people I’ve loved, I’ve done to the best of my ability. On the top of that list, is my love for God, and somewhere in the first half is my passion for writing. These two things have held a place in my heart for as long as I can remember.  Recognition was never my goal, and I didn’t expect a prize for what I did in regard to those two areas. It was like something you know for a fact in your heart and somehow, that’s enough for you. What I wanted to do was get better at loving God and continue to write whenever I could. That’s why I joined Bible Study Fellowship (B.S.F) over six years ago. And that’s why I started by writing for the school magazine back in high school. So for me it was not a coincidence that among all the other things that have happened lately, the same week I was approached to become a leader at B.S.F is the same week I was asked to write an article for my former high school’s magazine. For me, it was like coming full circle. In the words of certain Kung-Fu masters, “the student becomes the master”! These aren’t earth-shattering and they wouldn’t make prime time News but to me, they were like a wink from God, as if to say nothing goes unnoticed by Him. As if to say “I see your heart, and I got you”.

And so now, I can also tell you how I’m learning that instead of being filled with worry, my heart should overflow with gratitude. And hope. And a renewed zeal to just go out there and keep doing some good. It doesn’t matter how small and insignificant you think it was, and it doesn’t matter if no one was there to see you do it.

Be deliberate about what you put out into the universe; because if you’re patient enough and never stop believing, what you put out will always come back to you.


  1. Glad everything is coming full circle for you....God is good!

  2. *insert many blue heart emojis here*


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