Destined for greatness

Lately I have developed this uneasy feeling in my heart that life is passing me by. That there is something I am missing and I will not be able to hold onto all the precious memories that make people who they are. I have the uncontrollable urge to freeze time every five seconds so I can take it in every situation, every emotion and every single expression. I want to have the ability to document on some sort of recording device every second of the lives of the people in my life and I suddenly feel like one life time won’t be enough for me to achieve all that I would have wanted to.                                
I feel like there is so much I have forgotten, so many that I have forgotten and so many that have forgotten me too. I couldn’t stand to come home a stranger. I could never stand it if I did not have an impact so great in someone’s life that they had no choice but to remember me forever. And the fact that time is running by or my certain belief that it is makes my heart skip and clutch. As we celebrate this Easter, I hope that I will find a way everyday to do something memorable. Something that will bring me closer to achieving this one goal.


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