Friday July 29, 2011
Writing has of late become like therapy to me, when I write I feel better, so how could this be. It’s like being a baker and not being able to figure out what you want to bake one particular morning.
Was it because I was missing my inspiration, my sunshine? Or was it because I have been so busy I don’t have time to write anything with weight? Or is it because I feel like am giving too much and not receiving as much and that leaves me feeling empty? There had to be a reason, I can’t just not have what to write…can I?
Then I realized it is just nature taking its course. I have always been afraid of change, of surprises, the unknown, the future. I believe in consistency, when you start something you must complete it with the same vigor and passion you used at the start. I have tried effortlessly to stay the same throughout the passing years, only polishing up rusty areas where I can. And I believe or believed everyone and everything should do the same. I was wrong.
Change is the only consistent thing in this world. The only thing you can be sure of is that things are always changing and will continue to do so. You choose to either embrace it or fight it. I chose to fight it. I thought I would be the one that stayed. The one that stood the test of time. The one who beat the odds. The one who everyone would point to and say “now there’s a girl who never changes”. I was wrong. You cannot fight change, I mean  you can try, but I can almost guarantee that you will fail It’s like trying to stop the sun from setting or trying to apply the brakes on a really steep slippery slope.
       Some people say that the truth is relative (and I could not agree more) well that is exactly what change is like; It doesn’t have one particular face. We all perceive it differently, sometimes positively and other times not so much. But. There is still hope for us non-change lovers. If you cannot stop the sun from setting, why not pull out a picnic mat and enjoy the view? If the slope is too slippery, well, lower fuel usage for you. So what if it takes me longer to find a topic that I would enjoy writing about, simply means I get to gain more knowledge about the various topics I’m going to have to choose from!
            If you cannot stop change, then make sure to be the change you want to see!!!


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