Deuteronomy 30:15-19
‘See, I set before you today life and death…choose life.’

For a while there I almost forgot. Being a Christian is not the easiest thing in this day and age. Especially for a person like me. A person with a past. A person who has different types of obligations to different categories of people. Having to make conscious Christian decisions does not always make sense to my friends and isn’t always so easy. And for a while there I almost forgot.

It’s really difficult to see people who aren’t so vigilant in their Christianity prosper. And I must admit there are some times I have sinned and felt like I had gotten away with it, benefited from it even. The last few weeks I have battled with the choice to forsake all my Christian ways. To give up all my battles and succumb to the seeming pleasures of the other side. And I should mention that it would be exceptionally easy for me to let all of it go. It just all seemed so tiresome and not worthwhile and I was in despair.

And for a while I almost forgot. I forgot that I HAVE been on the other side. I prospered on the other side(or so it seemed to everyone else). I forgot that I have the advantage of having experienced both sides first hand. I forgot why I had chosen Christ in the first place. It’s the peace that fills you when you do. That peace that surpasses all understanding, yeah, I’ve felt that. It’s acceptance. And joy. And hope. And companionship. And forgiveness.  And unconditional love.How could I forget what He had done for me? How could I forget where and how He found me?

 Yes, I’m sure I will continue to fall every now and then, and times like these will come by regularly. I will have doubts and worries and frustrations, but each time, I WILL choose Jesus.


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