The B word!

I have been unable to write anything down for the last few months. And even when I do, i never finish it up. When I do finish it up, I fail to post it because for some reason, one thing or the other is not quite right with it. I don’t even know if I will eventually post this one… Anyway on looking into the reason why, I realized it could be writers’ block. I mean isn’t that why you suddenly find your head blank when you want to write something? Writing used to be my therapy; it used to make me feel lighter and better…

So what could have gone so wrong?  What happened to all my ‘juice’? Could it be because I do not have inspiration anymore? Am I just too busy? I can’t even remember what used to inspire me back in the day. So I guess I’m stuck here till I figure out new sources of inspiration. I’m looking at this as a journey; an adventure I’m going on to find my lost “mojo” for lack of a better word!!  You will hear all about it when it’s done or at least I hope you will. So till then mates!!



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