Philosophy, darkness and wine...

I’m a silhouette in the dark. Holding a short stem glass of wine in my right hand, head still turned towards the direction where the sun set hours ago. I wonder often about the smaller things in life: the devil is in the details after all. 

But mostly I wonder about the bigger things.

God.  The billions of galaxies. Wealth. True Love. Destiny. Good and Evil. Justice. Karma. Creation. Purpose.

Every twenty minutes or so, I remember to take a small sip of the sweet red wine, shake my head maybe and sigh a little. It’s all such a web. Many might call it philosophy. They wonder where I get all these theories. I just want a formula. Something that will make it all make sense.

I switch legs, move the right leg that’s been crossed over the left and instead cross the left over the right. The glass moves from the right hand to the left. Another quick and inconspicuous shake of the head. Another quick sigh. In the quiet still of the darkness, I can see inside my head almost as if it were a transparent glass vase, a clear stream of water. I notice the clear lines that connect one event to another, one person to another, one feeling to another. I notice the spaces as well, gaps waiting to be filled with the thick wisdom of experience.

The wisest man that ever lived says it is all meaningless. What does that mean for me? Can I just do what I want whenever I want and not have to worry about the consequences? 
What’s that saying, the one about the flap of the wings of a butterfly on one side of the world causing a tsunami on the other? 

I take another sip from the almost empty glass. Will this movement of my hand cause an earthquake somewhere in Tokyo? Am I alone in the world or are there others like me, with me? Do my actions matter? Am I of significance in the grand scheme of things?

Someone turns the electric bulb on.

The end


  1. I wonder, wonder and wonder and then in the morning I get up an go about my business.

    A lovely post Kullein!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank does go on indeed.


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